Rates all-in per month
Only by direct debit

All-in ladies,
Fitness * Cardio * Aerobics
Registration fee € 11.50
Annual ticket (unlimited) € 22 pm
Half-year ticket € 27 pm
10 Ride Card * € 52 (valid for 3 months)
1 month card € 35

Single lesson € 7

Trial lesson €4,50
Club card € 2.50
Loss of club card € 2.50

cancel by registered letter or by e-mail

* Towel compulsory at all times.

* Temporary termination of the lesson card is only possible due to pregnancy 2 months before the calculation date until 2 months after this date.

* Temporarily stop due to illness only with
submission of a referral from the –
(So ​​no doctor’s letter)

* Opening hours can be adjusted by Lady’s Gym Kralingen.
Lady”s Gym Kralingen will be closed on public holidays, without this resulting in a refund of contributions.

* When participating in the group lessons should
the time to be present is the lesson
one can no longer participate.
it is also forbidden to take lessons in advance

* At the start of the lesson 5 minutes present with
towel .