The sauna, as we know it, is of Finnish origin. The original meaning of sauna (in Finnish) is “kuil”. “Therme”, as it is also mentioned today, comes from the Greek bathhouse and gym. This goes beyond the traditional sauna cabins.
The optimum temperature at floor level is 50 degrees and at the ceiling about 100 degrees.


All kinds of things are being said about saunas, but 2 things are fact. Your skin will be well cleaned. Due to the steam, cleaning can take place deep into the skin. In addition, it is relaxing for the entire body.

Opening Times Sauna

Mon 10.00 t/m 11.30    18.15 t/m 21.00

Tue                                   18.15 t/m 21.00

Wed 10.00 t/m 11.30    18.15 t/m 21.00

Thu                                  18.15 t/m 21.00

 Fri 10.00 t/m 11.30

Sat 10.30 t/m 12.30

Sun 11.00 t/m 12.30