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The goal of srength training is to trigger the muscles which will lead to change. Physiological changes that will occur;

  • Growth in muscle fiber
  • Better bloodflow through the whole body
  • Increase in strength and stronger ligaments and connective tissue

We offer various machines designed to trigger different muscle groups specifically.


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Cardio Fitness

The goal of Cardiovasculair training is to trigger the heart-lung systeem which will lead to change. Physiological changes that will occur;

  • Lower rest heart rate
  • Lower heart rate when doing high ntensity activities
  • Lower blood pressure


Important in Cardiofitness is the ability of your body to maintain a certain activity for a long time. The better your heart and lungs function, the more oxygen they can absorb. It is sometimes forgotten, but your heart is a muscle. The stronger the muscle, the more powerful the blood is pumped through your body. That oxygen gets into your blood. That blood transports that oxygen to your muscles. The more oxygen goes to your muscles and the better your muscles absorb the oxygen, the longer your muscles can sustain a certain activity without getting tired. The longer you sustain a performance, the more energy you will burn. Therefore, Cardiofitness is mandatory for losing weight.