Better Belly


You want to lose weight and get a smaller waist? Training with the Better Belly® gives you the chance to get rid of your belly fat quickly and effectively. The ultimate figure correction and at the same time lose weight effectively. Within four weeks, the Better Belly® slimming method reduces 2 clothes sizes.
When you excsersise as usual, your stomach remains cold; that is becouse of the poor blood flow in this area. This is also the problem why it’s so hard to lose weight around that area. Better Belly® stimulates blood flow so you can lose weight and work on a beautiful slim waist.
As you excersise with infrared deep heat. The Better Bellly® stimulates the blood flow. The body wants to keep the temperature constant throughout the training. The automatic consequence is that there is a much better blood flow throughout the abdominal area throughout the Better Belly® training.
The fat burning will therefore increase enormously, which will help you focus on a beautiful waist and a flat belly.

The fitness exercises and cardio training you do during Better Belly® training are not too heavy and are tailored to your physical fitness and fitness. Better Belly® is especially fun! Thus, all you want to achieve is combined in one fitness program; lose weight, burn fat, and figure correction. In addition, infrared also ensures that the oxygen change is increased.


The Better Belly® has been extensively tested with amazing results. It has never been assumed that one could actually decrease in a specific place in centimeters, but it has never been before that people have been training with this specially developed belt for this purpose. Infrared in conjunction with movement causes the fat cells to decrease. The heat and effectiveness of the Better Belly® also makes it very pleasant.

The method is simple: you will train 30 to 45 minutes three times a week, four weeks in a row. The intensity is tailored to your fitness. For the first training you will be measured and after a period of four weeks again to determine the positive result. During the training you will use crosstrainer, bicycle or treadmill.
You do not have to pay special attention to your diet, because the results without diet are already amazing. In addition, moving with the Better Belly® has other positive effects on the body, such as reducing back problems. Several people have come down for years for pain. The Better Belly® also supports recovery after disease, promotes smooth muscles and joints, carries out toxins from your body and promotes a better night’s rest.
Better Belly® brings you what you’re looking for; weight loss, fat loss and figure correction. Make yourself slim and get a nice slim stomach.